Express Your Thoughts in Writing Your Essay Paper Correctly

Those people who are able to reason and express their thoughts are more powerful than those who cannot, and, therefore, can do more things competently and efficiently. If you learn how to write and edit, you will also be able to distinguish good, well-expressed ideas from bad ones expressed by dubious people. This means you can separate the wheat from the chaff (google it). So now, only deep and solid ideas will influence you, and you will not fall victim to stupid whims and ideologies that can be both trivial and dangerous. When giving arguments, one should separate quotations and paraphrases of thoughts. A direct quotation is always given in quotation marks, cites a passage of the cited text in full (the omitted text is indicated by an ellipsis), and is supplemented by a link to the source. A paraphrased thought allows summarizing the source text, displaying only basic information, but still requires a link to the source.

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