About my review blog

I came to Internet freelance thanks to the fact that I’ve been working part-time for five years now, completing the diploma, term papers, and essays for humanitarian students for money. This side job is the main source of my income. 

How did I get to such a life? After school, I entered law, and while living in a provincial town, I had practically no opportunity to find a job as an assistant lawyer or secretary in a law firm. 

Basically, these positions were taken either by yesterday’s graduates or by the acquaintances of the director, so after running around for two months on interviews and finding out where all the network marketing offices settled in our city, I decided to start working for myself. 

I was an excellent student at the institute, so requests to write or translate were received regularly. It was the beginning of the journey into the world of freelance. 

In the first year, I encountered problems such as a lack of time and the need to write works at night, a lack of clients and the need to do their own searches, and a lack of literature. In addition, teachers turned out to be useless, and the first time the work was not readout. In general, several times I wanted to quit everything, but somehow there were no alternatives, so I had to continue to work. 

Only remarkable persistence, perseverance, and free access to the university library helped me. And now I can confidently determine what services not only bring money from writing essays but also a pleasure. 

I found out that this type of job is not suitable for those who do not really like to read, study, work with books, and draw conclusions. So that’s why I want to help you make the right choice of essay writing service.

Here I will share tips and recommendations from my working experience. For example, on how to know whether you can write papers on order. 

Hope you’ll find something useful here.